We’re excited to launch this event!

It’s been quite a while.

As a company, the last time we ran an event of this substance was over 10 years ago, although it still feels fresh in the memory.  The subject was assortment planning, and we collected together a fantastic group of people to share ideas and accomplishments in the interest of stimulating innovation in the industry.

The event was a great success and triggered a great deal of progress and activity within our clients to improve their process.

But 10 years is a long time.

10 years ago we were just getting used to the first iPhone and we were about to endure the worst financial crisis in living memory.

In retail, the landscape hasn’t just shifted – it’s up-ended entirely. 

Back then, retail websites were somewhat optional, often separate from the rest of the organization and was a relatively small part of the operation.

Today we can’t underestimate the importance of online commerce and its value to the business, as well as the impact it has had on the role of the brick and mortar operation and how stores have had to become more experiential.

There’s a lot of activity right now, and retailers are looking for ideas, inspiration, validation, hindsight and support.

That’s where UnifiedRetailing comes in.

We’re here to focus on the way forward, to learn from each others’ successes and failures and help improve the industry for all.

We wanted a chance for retailers to put their heads above the parapets for a day and check out what everyone else was up to and take a healthcheck on their unified commerce strategies, their customer experience initiatives, and their functional fluency and operational efficiency.

So come and join us.  Learn.  Connect.  Share.

It’ll be fun.