The Road to Profitability Starts and Ends With the Customer
April 4, 2019 | New York City

What is Unified Retailing 2019?

This event is a bit special. Seriously. We only organize these events when there is a major shift in retail thinking that we believe needs to be discussed among industry peers in a way that is open, frank and healthy for the industry as a whole. Cool, huh? Do you work in retail leadership? Do you find value in hearing your industry peers’ experiences? Are you challenged by changing customer expectations and the operational desire for unified commerce? Well then you are in luck! This is the event you’ve been looking for.


  • jeff gragg
    Jeff Gragg
    Interim CIO, Hostess Brands
  • laura barrett
    Laura Barrett
    CEO, Soft Surroundings
  • Barrie Scardina
    Former President North American Retail, Calvin Klein
  • Karen Beebe
    CIO, vineyard vines
  • derek durley
    Derek Durley
    SVP Planning & Allocation, ascena retail group
  • kate goreman
    Kate Gorman
    Partner, Columbus Consulting
  • adrianne kirsnner
    Adrianne Kirszner
    Global Head of Inventory Management and Planning, Coach
  • mark chrystal
    Mark Chrystal
    Chief Analytics Officer, rue21
  • john zavada
    John Zavada
    CIO/CAO, Petco
  • John Worthington
    COO / President, NY & Co
  • rick amari
    Rick Amari
    Founder, Managing Partner, Columbus Consulting



April 4, 2019 | New York City


  • Opening Remarks
    Opening Remarks

    Why now is the time for customer experience and unified commerce.

  • Putting The Customer First
    Customer Centricity

    Putting the Customer at the Front of Every Decision Generates Profitability

  • A holistic view of the customer experience
    Technology and the Customer Experience

    A holistic view of the customer experience and technology.

  • Leveraging Analytics for Unified Commerce

    The Use of Customer Analytics to Inform a Retail Turnaround.

  • Planning Assortments Across Countries

    Planning Assortments across Countries & Channels

  • Omni-channel Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    Omni Channel Inventory Management and Allocation


  • news update
    Additional Speakers Confirmed

    We’re delighted to announce that we have confirmed additional speakers for this conference.

    Derek Durley, Senior Vice President

  • calendar
    We’re excited to launch this event!

    As a company, the last time we ran an event of this substance was over 10 years ago, although it still feels fresh in the memory.

  • The road to profitability starts and ends with the customer
    Unified Retailing 2019 Brings Together Retail’s Brightest Minds

    Columbus Consulting will host the inaugural event April 4, 2019 in New York City

“Columbus Consulting only organizes one conference a decade, so you know that this has to be important and special.”