The Road to Profitability Starts and Ends With the Customer
19 September, 2019 | London

What is Unified Retailing 2019?

This event is a bit special. Seriously. We only organize these events when there is a major shift in retail thinking that we believe needs to be discussed among industry peers in a way that is open, frank and healthy for the industry as a whole. Cool, huh? Do you work in retail leadership? Do you find value in hearing your industry peers’ experiences? Are you challenged by changing customer expectations and the operational desire for unified commerce? Well then you are in luck! This is the event you’ve been looking for.


  • Daniel Binder
    Former President Global Supply Chain, Retail Planning, Digital Transformation
  • richard hyman
    Richard Hyman
    Founder, RichardTalksRetail
  • Nicole Smith
    Global Trading Director, Allsaints
  • Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski
    Partner, Columbus Consulting
  • jon beck
    Jon Beck
    CEO, Columbus Consulting
  • andrew jennings
    Andrew Jennings
    Former CEO, Karstadt, Saks Fifth Avenue and Holt Renfrew



19 September, 2019 | London


  • Putting The Customer First
    Almost is not good enough

    Everyone works hard, everyone is getting better and smarter, but is it enough?

  • Transforming the Enterprise
    Why some companies succeed where others fail

    What can we learn from the companies that are thriving in today’s retail environment, what are they doing that others are not?

  • Building a Global IT Organization
    Using technology to connect servicing to retail

    Retailing isn’t just about selling product any more, it’s a complete and immersive experience with products, services and innovations all designed to engage and connect with customers.

  • Organizing for Success
    Connecting strategy, planning to allocation and execution.

    As the customer experience and expectations change at the front of house, the planning and allocation team need to continually be one-step ahead of this to ensure that the inventory flows smoothly through the supply chain and ends up in the customers hands.

  • 24/7 Retailing
    What’s happening in Global Retail

    We look at some of the successes and failures of retailers outside of the UK/EU and examine what innovations they are applying successfully, and what lessons we can learn from their mistakes.


  • news update
    Here we go again!

    Isn’t it always the way? You wait a decade for Columbus Consulting to run a retail conference, and then two come along at once.

    Yes, …